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The Linguabot Chinese-English Dictionary is made with only the freshest ingredients: PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML5, and CSS.

The bulk of the dictionary data comes from the excellent CC-CEDICT project, which can be downloaded here.

The other major component of the database is generated from the complementary English and Chinese headings of Wikipedia articles, based primarily on the brilliant work of Stian Håklev, and of course all of the countless contributors to the English and Chinese versions of Wikipedia.

In keeping with the Creative Commons license under which both of these data sets are maintained, I intend to release my merged database in a unified format, just as soon as I can get a few more of the kinks worked out (the pronunciation data in particular needs some love). Please stay tuned.

The audio elements of the site use the awesome SoundManager2 software, written by Scott Schiller. The sounds files used in this dictionary can be freely downloaded from the wonderful people at Chinese-lessons.com.

Additionally, in some of the results, I have also made use of the Javascript Tabifier by Patrick Fitzgerald. Go check out his site, there's some excellent stuff on there.

Considering all of the Creative Commons licensed work that has contributed to the creation of this site. I believe that I am legally obliged to release the content of this site under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

If I have forgotten you, or your contribution to this site, please feel free to contact me any time at: admin@linguabot.com.